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Surface treatment
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Surface treatment

The history of the surface finishing centre in MASSAG stretches back to the 1970s. In the late 1990s started to build up the brand new fully automated surface finishing in-house plant , including effluent neutralization section.

New technology allows us to maintain most of the surface finishing electrogalvanizing methods (in mass barrel section or hanging section), including possibility of implementation of new options in surface finishing methods.

Massag is certified by certification company SGS according to the following quality and enviromental standards.

We also hold certificates and standards.

ISO 9001:2008ISO 14001:2004

The quality of the produced and surface finishing components is assessed according to the customer's

requirements (specifications, standards – ČSN ISO 9228).

Overall technological surface finishing processes are implemented in compliance

with the Standard: ČSN EN ISO 2081 (which replaced the standard ČSN EN ISO 2081).

Other Standards:

  • ČSN EN 12329
  • DIN 50961
  • ČSN EN 1403
  • ČSN EN ISO 4042
  • ČSN EN ISO 3613
  • ČSN EN 12476
  • VW TL 217
  • GM GME 00252
  • MB DBL 8451
  • TSH 6524G

Currently, we use two Filling automated electroplating lines , especially for zinc-coating, and a semi-automatic line for drum nickel-coating:

Zinc coating automatic line (in one line)

Made in Lecom Ledeč, a.s. in Czech republic (line Lecom), registration date 2006 – acid zinc coating, for galvanic zinc coating of larger sized components on the racks (components of rolleys, cages, trucks, etc..)

  • dimensions of the parts on coating racks maximum: 3500x1700x700 mm
  • produced capacity maximum: 55 000 m2/month *

Coating automatic line (in 4 lines)

Made in Atotech – SRN (linka Atotech), registration date 1990.

  • line 1 – cyanide copper coating in a drum and on the rack + possibility of three-metal coatings
  • line 2 – acid zinc coating on the rack + acid tin coating in a drum
  • line 3 – galvanic coating pre-treatment
  • line 4 – acid zinc coating in a drum
  • dimensions of the parts on coating racks maximum:2400x1050x250mm
  • produced capacity maximum: 10 000 m2/month (on the rack) *
  • produced capacity maximum: 150 000 kg/month (in a drum) *

Nickel coating semi-automatic line

Made in VEB GalvanoTechnik Leipzig (GTL) – NDR before, now GmbH – SRN (nickel coating line) acid nickel coating in a drum – in single layer or with copper pre-coating (line Atotech) – for high gloss.

  • produced capacity maximum: 30 000 kg/month *

Referred to as the maximum possible capacity are, in what may be the largest use of coated area in the lines, due to the size and shape of the coating components.

Another establishment of the surface finishing:

Powder paintshop

Filling automated line with suspended conveyor, currently producing: 1 shift per day.

Paint shop

Painting and staining of small parts.

Tumbling shop

Drum vibratory tumbling

Degreasing equipment workshop

Ultrasonic degreasing for small and smaller non-ferrous components (Al, Ms) of fatty, current producing: 1 shift per day

Neutralization station

Located directly under the automatic line Atotech

There is also the COMPANY LABORATORY in the plant area , which is equipped with , among other things a condensing chamber. We also offer free capacity of laboratory.

Jiří Vajda
tel.: +420 724 255 119
e-mail: jiri.vajda@massag.com